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HyperTransport 3 good for dual sockets

by on23 April 2007


Single socket performs the same

Barcelona and Agena FX / Agena K10 parts won't have the HyperTransport 3 support. These chips are scheduled for Q3 2007 or later and only the late Q3 / early Q4 part Budapest will actually have the magic HyperTransport 3.

For a single socket machine HT3 won't make any difference as you don’t need the fast interconnection. You should not be able to see any significant difference with a single socket quad core processor.

Agena FX might suffer a bit as it will be meant for dual socket, eight core setup. The normal people's Agena AM2+ CPUs wont actually give a damn about HyperTransport 3 at least not that much. HyperTransport 3 is also important for multi chip servers as well. It will make things faster in dual, quad or eight socket setups.

We don’t think that speeding up the interconnection between Northbridge and Southbridge will make much difference anyway.

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