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Intel confirms price cuts

by on18 April 2007


Intel roadmap:
Cheapest Core 2 duo for $113

Intel plans to drop its prices early next week and we have already reported about it here.

The Q6600 CPU quad core will drop from $851 to $530. The Core 2 Duo E6700 will come down from its current $530 to $316, The E6600 will drop from $316 to $224, the E6420 will be introduced at $183 and the E6400 will drop from the current $224 to $183. The E6x20 CPUs have 4 MB cache, while the E6400 has only 2MB.

The E6300, currently the cheapest core 2 duo, will be reduced from $183 to $163 and Intel will at the same time introduce the E6320, again a 4MB version for the same $163 price.

The cheapest E4000 version, the E4300 will be reduced from $163 to $113.



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