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AMD Barcelona to work 30 to 40 percent faster

by on05 March 2007

Hector just confirmed

We had
a chance to listen AMD's CEO Hector Gibbson Ruiz and we learned that the company's native Quad core is getting ready and that it is on the schedule.

He mentioned that engineering samples are very close to being shipped to customers and that the company is still scheduled to ship the product by end of the summer.

He also implied that native Quad core is the first radical step in three years when AMD introduced its Opteron processor. It is time to move on to a native Quad core and the company's leader implied that the new processor will show 30 to 40 percent improvement in important tasks and benchmarks. He wasn't specific about the tasks and benchmarks

Barcelona looks good it better by as AMD just announced loss and it is yet to recover from buying out ATI.

Last modified on 05 March 2007
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