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ASUS Mars runs Far Cry 2 smoothly at 3840x2160p

by on04 June 2009


Quad-HD resolution with 4GB of VRAM

The guys over at TweakTown got some video coverage of the new ASUS Mars GTX295 Limited Edition cards composed of dual-GTX 285 PCBs and cores. The awesome feature of these cards is that they not only have increased clock speeds over the standard GTX 295 design, but they also feature a whopping 4GB (2 x 2GB) of VRAM across both PCBs which make them well suited candidates to run some intense gaming sessions at super high resolutions.

At the ASUS booth down in Taiwan at Computex, a demo was shown of two ASUS Mars cards in Quad-SLI on a Rampage II Extreme running Far Cry 2 at an insane 3840x2160p resolution very smoothly without any hitches.  That’s right, Quad-HD resolution with very little to no lag on stock GPU frequencies.

The ability to perform such an impressive feat is mainly because each card has an allocated total of 4GB of GDDR3. Allowing an ASUS Mars Quad-SLI setup to use a total of 4GB (2 x 2GB) across both cards is a significant leap from the 1792MB (896MB x 2) allocated on standard GTX 295s running in Quad-SLI. This should prove to be particularly useful in Grand Theft Auto IV, a highly VRAM-intensive title. Yet it is unfortunate that there will only be a thousand of these cards in circulation, or maybe even less given the fact that the reviewers and journalists of the internets will have their hands all over them first.

Check out TweakTown’s video coverage of the ASUS Mars GTX295 Limited Edition running Quad-SLI in Quad-HD resolution over here.

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