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Mobile Geforce GTX200M i GT100M hit the booths

by on03 March 2009


Cebit 2009:
MSI shows off a few


Along with the GTS 250, Nvidia also launched a number of mobile GPUs today. The flagship GTX 280M features 128 stream processors, 256-bit memory and it should be up to 30 percent faster than ATI's Mobile Radeon HD 4870, but we didn't see one in action yet.

We visited MSI's booth and saw a number of notebooks with new Nvidia mainstream graphics, but sadly none of them featured the GTX 280M.


However, several MSI models featured the GTS 160M, which comparable to ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 4670. The new mobile Geforce features 1024MB of memory, and it packs enough punch for gaming at 1280x1024, but MSI's notebooks using the new GPU have 1680x1050 screens. You should view the GTS 160M as a faster version of Nvidia's Geforce 9600M GPU.


We hope to see the GTX 280M in action soon too, although it's just a G92b GPU in 55nm. As we already said, the GTX 200M mobile generation is not based on the desktop GT200 GPUs, which are simply to big and too hot for notebooks.

In case you don't care about gaming and prefer a more practical, good looking notebook, MSI is showing off its X-Slim series of notebooks based on Intel's CULV and Atom platforms, here.

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