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Dell looks at job cuts

by on28 March 2007



Analysts expect change

Wall street analysts are expected Dell to face job cuts now that its founder, Michael Dell is in charge. Dell has promised that he will take a "fresh look" at the company which is facing stiff competition from the likes of HP.

According to the NewsObserver, Wall Street is demanding that job cuts are among the steps Dell is likely to take. The company has been thwarted by its rising work force which has been hitting company profits badly.

Laura Conigliaro, a Goldman Sachs analyst is predicting that Dell will have to take a lot more of its work off-shore if it is going to reduce the huge losses it is taking hiring in the US.

She predicted that the company will reduce manufacturing rolls by 3,500 and marketing and other personnel by about 2,500 to get back on track. Michael Dell has admitted that its organization got a bit unwieldy, so we're really crisping up who's responsible for what.

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