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Nvidia fires back at ATI

by on16 March 2010


We don't bribe developers

some rather unkind comments made by AMD’s Richard Huddy, Nvidia Director of Developer Technology Ashutosh Rege hit back, condemning Huddy's claims that Nvidia was offering incentives for developers who embrace PhysX.

In an interview with Xbit's Anton Shilov, Rege said that Nvidia never offered cash for developer using PhysX and that developers would not choose engines based on incentives if they weren't good to begin with, as they could ruin the game.

“The most important factor for game developer today is market platform,” said Rege. “In other words is whether that supports X360, PS3, PC and some developers are targeting iPhone and Wii with our PhysX engine. We support all of those, which is the reason why PhysX has become so popular.”

However, Rege stressed that Nvidia does offer help to developers who take up PhysX.

"We will help them with engineering and we will help them even with artists, who also go on-site and spend a lot of time with their artists... Adding GPU PhysX to a game is a lot more different than adding just general physics effects. There is more work than adding post-processing effects, so we help them with that. We also help them with marketing with any kind of bundle deals with add-in-card makers if the latter are interested in bundling those games,” said Rege.

So, although Nvidia does not hand out cash, it still offers rather tempting non-cash incentives, both in terms of technical assistance and through its marketing programs, such as TWIMTBP.

You can check out the full interview here.
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