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Apple offers new AV cables

by on08 September 2007


New iPod gadgets available

Apple, Inc.
has posted some new gadgets on its Web site that just might tempt those loyal iPhone customers who will be receiving a $100 rebate from Apple.  The Apple Component AV Cable and the Apple Composite AV Cable accessories are available for the iPod touch, the third-gen iPod nano and the classic iPod. 

These cables, priced at US$49 each, can transmit audio and video to stereo systems and to big-screen televisions.  They connect to an iPod or a universal dock using a 30-pin dock connector, and then hook up to the stereo receiver or the television using either component video (where the video signal is split into components) or composite video (where the video signal has all of the video information within one signal).  

The $49 price also includes a USB power adapter.  These new cables cannot be used with the iPhone, however.  The Web site indicates that the cables will be available for shipment in 2 to 4 weeks.

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