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EVGA releases Precision 1.5.0 overclocking utility

by on07 March 2009


New multi-GPU systems control approach

EVGA has just released version 1.5.0 of its popular Precision GPU overclocking utility, and we are pleased to say that this is a big release with a number of new features. The company decided to revamp its utility with a new multi-GPU focused control approach.

Precision now gives users independent access to thermal monitoring, overclocking and fan control settings of all GPUs installed in the system regardless of SLI mode status. However, it can be noted that any previously installed version's settings and profiles are not compatible with version 1.5.0 and will be lost.

The utility also adds multi-GPU core, shader, and memory clock monitoring as well as fan speed monitoring. More interestingly, it now displays GPU codenames in system info, and SLI mode status is detected dynamically and displayed properly in system info when SLI mode is being toggled on the fly during Precision runtime.

New skins have also been added to this release, including green and dark skins. Additionally, the new skin format v1.1 adds bitmap effects support to the skin compiler. Skin creators can now use new technology to simplify the skin creation process and easily create different color editions of the same skin by applying various color tuning effects to the same bitmaps during compilation. Built-in blue, violet, green and dark skin editions are based on new technology, so it is recommended to use these skins as bitmap effects usage tutorials.

The full EVGA Precision 1.5.0 release notes and download link can be found here


Last modified on 09 March 2009
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