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AMD external graphics to launch tomorrow

by on08 December 2008


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has announced its eXternal Graphic Processor some six months ago and we expected to see Fujitsu Siemens machines that supports this feature in September / October time.

Since Fujitsu and Siemens are getting a divorce, they want to split up, so the project was delayed, and now, in the last days of 2008, the company is finally ready to show the external graphics to the world.

The first notebook has a proprietary connector and the first XGP unit has RV670 core with a promise that RV770-based XGP unit comes in the months to come. The biggest drawback of this technology will be the fact that you can only buy a Fujitsu Siemens notebook together with XGP external graphics card and the total cost of the notebook and XGP units will end up around €1,500.

The technology should officially launch tomorrow with a hope that it might actually be available at the same time. The technology is real, but Fujitsu Siemens is obviously not the fastest partner to carry it out.

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