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HD4650 available

by on25 September 2008


No bargain at €60

A couple
of weeks after AMD's RV730 launch, the watered down PRO version of it's new mid range part is finally available. We're talking about an MSI reference clocked card with a non-reference cooler and it's currently available for €60.

While this is a very good price, it's still no bargain, mainly thanks to in-house competition in the guise of the HD3850, which is currently available for under €55 on the European market. However, if you're stuck with a pathetic PSU, or just want to save/hug a few trees in the Amazon, the 48W HD4650 is an excellent choice. An HD3850 will suck up more than twice as much power.

Other vendors are expected to have their HD4650 cards on the market within a couple of days. The HD4670, on the other hand, is readily available for just under €70.

You can get MSI's HD4650 in Germany and Austria, here.
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