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Asus to launch another HD 4870 card

by on02 September 2008


Cooled by the Glaciator fan

Asus is preparing yet another HD 4870 card, the EAH4970 D5. This time the card will be cooled by Asus' well known Glaciator fan.

Unfortunately the card works at reference clocks for both core (750MHz) and memory (3,600MHz), but Asus did change few things as this card comes with 4+2 phase power, all-solid capacitors and of course previously mentioned Glaciator Fansink cooling. The VRM part on the card is cooled by a rather small heatsink and the card comes with two dual-DVI connectors.

We are pretty sure that there is some more room for overclocking as 4+2 phase power design should give enough stability to this card. Unfortunately, the card's release date and its price are still unknown.


Last modified on 02 September 2008
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