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Larrabee is 2010

by on11 August 2008


So is RV970 and Geforce 11

While I was chilling out at the seaside, Intel decided to release some limited details about something that we call Larrabee. Intel told the world that it's a discrete GPU and it should come in late 2009 or 2010.

Intel has created a publicity stunt with Larrabee and we agree with Nvidia's CEO, a brave chap called Jensen, when he refers to Larrabee as a Power Point presentation.

The Larrabee hype started in late 2007 and it doesn’t look that you will see this product before the end of 2009, but most likely not until 2010.

Let me try to draw some parallels here. In 2010 Nvidia will launch the Geforce 11 series, at least one, if not two, more GPU generations and the same goes for ATI. ATI should be talking about the RV970 generation of its GPUs.

Even if Intel gets things right on the hardware side, it will still fail with many games with its dodgy drivers, so it will probably take most of 2010 and at least 2011 to get things right with the drivers, especially when it comes to legacy games.

So, we got prematurely excited about a product that won’t materialize until next year. If this is not too optimistic for your taste, just remember Foxconn failing to take over the Nvidia/ATI add-in board business and Foxconn is the big brother of that business, just like Intel. 

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