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Voyo Bay Trail Mini PC reviewed

by on04 September 2015



Design and Build Quality

As far as aesthetics go, there is a lot to like about the Voyo. It measures 126 x 126 x 12mm (4.95 x 4.95 x 0.47 inches), so it’s roughly the size of a good old CD jewel case, just a tad thicker. It weighs 200 grams, not much more than your average phablet.

IMG 6603

So, it’s small, but does it look good? Well, it’s available in a number of different colours, all of which feature a glossy finish. The plastic feels nice and our cyan unit can turn heads. Build quality is good, and so is the finish. The fact that it’s all-plastic may be a turnoff for some consumers, but in our opinion this isn’t very relevant when it comes to this type of product. It’s not a smartphone, so you are unlikely to scuff and scratch the finish, unless you plan to carry it around all the time.

IMG 6605

At the front, you’ll find the power button and activity LED. The design is as clean as possible, so there’s nothing at the sides, save for one USB port on the right.

power led

The good thing about this port, aside from the practicality of having a USB port that’s not on the rear for easy access, is that it can power an external hard drive.


The device rests on four rubber feet and features four cooling vents at the bottom.


At the rear you’ll find all the other connectors: two additional USBs, DC in (micro USB, 2A), HDMI, microSD slot and a standard 3.5mm audio port.


Overall, it’s a good looking device, although we feel it could have done with a somewhat smaller logo and Windows branding on the top cover.

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