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Club 3D HD 7970 XT2 '13Series reviewed

by on21 August 2013


Club 3D HD 7970 XT2 ‘13Series graphics card is special for its dual slot cooler, which is based on CoolStream technology. Due to the tall heatpipes and the way they’re bent, the cooler is a few centimeters taller than standard coolers. To be precise, the card size is 268 x 128 x 40mm.

Still, although it exceeds the height of the standard graphics card, even the most traditional cases shouldn’t have problems fitting it inside. You can get a better idea of how tall they are when the card is viewed from the back.


The card has 3GB of Hynix memory, which we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on pretty much all AMD and Nvidia cards launched last year. The memory is rated at 1500MHz. The back does not feature any memory modules and the ones on the front are cooled passively. Memory doesn’t require much in the way of cooling, except you’re interested in extreme overclocking.



The I/O panel has one dual-link DVI, standard HDMI out and two mini DisplayPort outs. PokerSeries cards have two dual-link DVIs, which is practically the only big hardware difference between the two series.


All HD 7970 cards require at least one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connector. The TDP of the card is 300W.


The Club 3D HD 7970 XT2 ‘13Series comes with two CrossFire connectors, meaning that it’s possible to daisy chain up to four cards for some fierce CrossFireX muscle. Although the shroud hides the CrossFire connectors, it will not be a problem as CrossFire bridge connectors are flexible.


The card also sports a toggle switch. This switch allows you to switch between two separate BIOS versions, 2) factory defaults and 1) unprotected.

bios switch

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