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EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked ACX reviewed

by on29 May 2013


EVGA has done an excellent job. The new ACX cooler impressed us both in terms of performance and low noise. As usual, Superlocked cards ship with a big factory overclock, and the GTX 780 is no exception. It is clocked 104MHz higher than the reference card and it is up to 11 percent faster. It is about up to 50% percent faster than a reference GTX 680 in real life tests, which means it is ideal for 2560x1600 gaming.

The GTX 780 has 3GB of GDDR5, while the Titan ships with 6GB. Unless you have some very specific requirements, 3GB should be more than enough for comfortable gaming. Titan isn’t much faster in 2560x1600 tests than the GTX 780 SC and it only makes sense for extreme resolutions and multi-monitor setups.

Generally speaking even the reference GTX 780 is an excellent card, as it is up to 40% percent faster than the GTX 680. Sadly though, we can’t shake the feeling that the GTX 780 is basically the GTX 680 done right and that the old card could have been better.

In fact, the GTX 680 is about to be resurrected thanks to the GTX 770. The GTX 760 Ti is also on the way and some of the upcoming GTX 700 series cards will be nothing more than rebrands of old 600-series parts. The GTX 780 is a different beast and it is definitely worth a look.

The only big issue we have with the GTX 780, and all new high end cards for that matter, is the price. At €650 it costs more than its predecessor and this is a trend we’ve been witnessing for years. Although the PC market is in the middle of its worst slump, Nvidia is still jacking up prices like there’s no tomorrow and AMD is no better. With new consoles rolling out in a matter of weeks, it is irritating to say the least and it doesn’t bode well for the future of PC gaming.

The EVGA 780 Superclocked costs €30 more than the reference card and it is not much of a difference in this segment, all things considered. We believe the ACX cooler and overlocking potential are well worth the premium.

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