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HIS iCooler Turbo HD 7790 reviewed

by on17 May 2013


Although the GPU and memory are stock overclocked from 1000MHz/1500MHz to 1075MHz/1600MHz respectively, the card did not experience any overheating issues, nor was it loud.

his 7790 icooler turbo hitman load

The fan gets a bit too loud for our liking when it is manually set at 45+ percent (2500RPM+), but as long as you keep it in auto mode it should be quiet. The fan never goes above 1700RPM while in Auto mode, and if we didn’t manage to push it higher, neither should you. We will not call it completely inaudible under load, but the fan is really difficult to pick up unless you’re in a very quiet environment, and gamers rarely are. Even after our overclock and under full load, the fan never went up beyond 32 percent of available RPM speed, which is one of the reasons we love the iCooler.

gpuy load oc

Power consumption is not high, either, as it goes up to 100W. The HD 7790 uses a bit more power than Nvidia’s GTX 650 Ti, but it ends up faster, so it looks like a tie.


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