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Lancool PC-K62R Red Dragon reviewed

by on10 September 2010



Although at a glance it might seem as just another standard case, Lancool’s PC K62R Red Dragon case hides much of what graces it. Naturally, knowing Lian-Li’s designs this is not a surprise. Within you’ll find all the space you need, openings for CPU coolers and cable management, rubber pucks to prevent HDD vibration and 4 silent fans.

Windowed Plexiglas panels, which can be purchased for this case, make a relatively uninspiring black box really come to life and the red interior coupled with red LED lamps really makes for a nice view. You can get Lancool K62 Midi-Tower - Red Dragon Window Edition for about 90 euro, here.

Since we’re talking about cost-down versions of Lian-Li cases, some things had to suffer, so you might find some details that seem as if they lack finishing touches. We’re mostly talking about the inside of the case, where upon closer look you’ll find that HDD brackets seem a little cheapish or that the rubber feet leave marks on the floor.

Red Dragon is a pretty functional case which deserves all plaudits, but things aren’t as bright price-wise. The case goes for €102, which in this times isn’t really what we’d call affordable nor nice bang-per-buck deal.

If however you don’t have monetary issues, like red color and ultimately choose to purchase it, we assure you that you won’t have any sleepless nights over what the case offers.

Special thanks to CaseKing, the company that kindly provided our today’s test sample.


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Last modified on 10 September 2010
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