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Cooler Master's NotePal ErgoStand reviewed

by on01 April 2010


In cooperation with Choiix, CoolerMaster devised its NotePal ErgoStand laptop cooler that can be used practically anywhere. Apart from good performance, the device brings a few more functions than classic laptop coolers and can be used for laptops up to 17’’.

As you can see from the tests, the device is more than up to the task of cooling. You can regulate the fan speed in order to draw maximum performance or make it quieter for when typing in bed for instance. Our test sample emitted a slight buzzing sound, which could get on your nerves, but CoolerMaster assured us that this is an issue with our sample only and that production samples will not do that. Note that unlike NotePal ErgoStand, many similar devices on the market use two smaller (80 or 92mm) fans, which further increases noise and in comparison doesn’t quite improve airflow.

NotePal ErgoStand allows for setting angles and can be used as a laptop stand, which will be a blessing for those who use classic keyboards for typing. CoolerMaster also added a 4-port USB hub, which is a nice touch and can be used to connect a keyboard, mouse or other external devices.

All in all, NotePal ErgoStand is a pretty attractive device which combines good looks and functionality. Priced at around €35 or €29 without tax, which is the usual price for laptop coolers, NotePal will surely end up being your laptop’s best pal.

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Last modified on 01 April 2010
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