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Scythe FenrisWolf hunts in our lab

by on30 October 2009



Scythe FenrisWolf features a simple yet stylish design, excellent finishing touches and extremely quiet operation. Scythe paid a lot of attention to making this case as quiet as possible, but two Slip Stream 120mm fans aren't enough to provide excellent cooling performance. The fans run at 800 rpm and are inaudible, but unfortunately, Scythe doesn't provide extra mounts for additional fans users might want to install.

If you want a passively cooled graphics card and CPU, carefully consider the thermals and the size of the passive coolers on them. During our testing, FenrisWolf didn't exactly when put up against the Core 2 Extreme x6800 CPU with passive cooling. The case doesn't come with a motherboard tray, so if your cooling comes with a back-plate, you'll have to remove the entire motherboard - which is quite a tedious task.

HDD Stabilizer is a great feature and it effectively attenuates transmition of vibration from the disks to the case. We must admit that it runs great, but the mounting process gets a bit tricky as you'll have to take the entire HDD bracket off, and in our case we had to remove the graphics card as well.

Regardless of the few flaws, Scythe FenrisWolf is still a nice case, and since this is the first case to come from Scythe, it's not too shabby at all. Scythe will surely get better and better and we're looking forward to seeing the company progress on this market. The FenrisWolf is currently priced at about 115-130 euro, which might be a bit to pricey. Note that FenrisWolf is not a case for overclockers or gamers, which require plenty of quality airflow to keep the components cool, but rather a nice looking and above all - a quiet case, which has a market of its own. While we're aware that there are a couple of points that need fixing, Scythe is surely on the right track to become an important player on this market.

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Last modified on 30 October 2009
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