Blackberry doing well
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Apparently it has become more cybersecurity

BlackBerry reported its first-quarter results, beating analysts’ expectations, thanks to its cybersecurity business.

Intel delays plant start in Ohio
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It apparently depends on the taxpayer

While many of us thought that Intel’s dedication to chip plant building might have something to do with saving its own financial bacon it appears that the company will not go ahead with the plan unless the taxpayer bankrolls it.

Intel and AMD’s next battle could be interesting for gamers
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3D V-cache versus increased clock speeds

The next-generation CPUs could be an interesting time for gamers as Intel and AMD square off with some different concepts.

Apple increases music charges for students
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It is not as if they are listening to real music anyway

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided to jack up the monthly fee it charges kids to listen to its music service.

Intel’s Arc requirement puzzles
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Apparently it must have an optimised BAR

Intel has published a puzzling requirement for its Arc GPUs – apparently the PCIe Resiable BAR (ReBAR) feature must be enabled for "optimal" performance.

Milan-based RCS Lab hacked Apple and Android
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Too sexy from Milan

An Italian company's hacking tools were good enough to take down Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, according to Google.

Italians say struffoli to Google Analytics
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You can’t transfer data to the US

The Italian data protection authority has found a local web publisher's use of Google analytics is non-compliant with EU data protection rules because it transfers data to a third-world country, which lacks a civilized legal framework.

Samsung announces 200MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor
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Comes with 0.5μm pixel

Samsung has unveiled its newest 200-megapixel ISOCELL HP3 sensor, which brings the “industry’s smallest pixel” at 0.56 μm, while promising better auto-foucs, and clearer HDR images.

Poco rolls out the X4 GT and F4 smartphones
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X4 GT with Dimensity 8100 and F4 with Snapdragon 870

Poco has launched two new smartphones that will be a part of the 4-series, the Poco X4 GT and the Poco F4.

Intel Arc launches in Asia to a big of a yawn
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Barely to compete with AMD’s RX 6400

Chipzilla has released its Arc Alchemist GPU lineup in Asia only to find reviewers unenthused.