Brazil pulls iPhones from store
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Yes Apple, the law does apply to you

The Fruity Cargo Cult Apple was shocked after the Brazilian government enforced a law it democratically voted on and pulled its iPhone’s from stores across the land.

Pro-Putin hackers take down EU Parliament
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How dare you say we are terrorists

Russian hackers, who did not seem to get the irony of their actions, attacked the website of the European Union’s Parliament in revenge for the democratically elected body voting to declare their country a supporter of terrorism.

3D NAND memory sales dropped
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24.3 per cent quarter-over-quarter

The production and price of 3D NAND memory dropped faster than a free falling team of performing elephants who forgot to pack their parachutes.

Musk makes Twitter a haven for scum and villainy
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“General amnesty” for suspended accounts

Supreme Twit Elon [look at me] Musk is allowing everyone who was kicked off of Twitter back in, turning it into a haven for the world’s worst and most toxic trolls.

EU anti-trust watchdog snuffles around Microsoft teams
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Unhappy about its connections with Office 365 

While you might think that there is a lot of competition for online communication tools, it seems that the EU regulators are really worried about Microsoft teams.

Government departments cannot buy Chinese cameras
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UK fears more footage of snogging Tory ministers being leaked

UK government has ordered its departments to stop installing surveillance cameras made by Chinese companies due to concerns over security, data theft and pictures of Tory ministers snogging their aides.

Google buys Scottish wind
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Wants to power its cloud and offices

Google has signed an offshore wind energy deal to power its UK offices and cloud regions with carbon-free energy by 2030.

GPU sales drop to ten year low
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Miners' strike

Shipments of integrated and discrete graphics processing units dropped to a 10-year low in the third quarter as PC OEMs reduced procurements of CPUs, and gamers lowered their purchases of existing graphics cards while waiting for next-generation products.

Ex-Apple executive realises iPad is pointless
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What was Jobs thinking of?

Ex-Apple executive and longtime Apple commentator Jean-Louis Gassee has suddenly woken up and realised that the iPad had no use and is dying off.

Custom RX 7000 launches later than reference boards
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Will cost a fortune too

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn claiming that custom RX 7000 graphics cards from third-party card makers are set to launch later than the reference boards, and will cost an arm and a leg (picture shows a National RX 7000 which we remember fondly).