Intel reveals full pricing for its upcoming Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards
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Just $20 for 8GB more memory

Intel has revealed a bit more details about its upcoming Arc A770 and Arc A750 graphics cards, including the price for all versions, as well as a bit more details on the performance.

Internet had a near miss
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30 September 2022

Internet had a near miss

Authoritarian countries nearly kept control

The world wide wibble had a near miss when the United Nations agency that sets global standards for telecoms and tech infrastructure voted for a US official instead of a Russian.

Iphone 14 Pro has even more issues
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Apple calls them features 

Early adopters of Fruity cargo-cult Apple's over-priced under functioned iPhone 14 Pro are now suffering from yet another feature of Apple's software Q&A -- random shut downs.

Apple fires vice president of procurement
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For being a big tit on someone else’s TikTok

Fruity cargo cult vice president of procurement Tony Blevins has been fired for making a gag about “big breasts” on another person’s TikTok account.

FTC under pressure to block Amazon's iRobot take over
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US democrats are worried about giving Amazon maps of your house 

The Federal Trade Commission is facing mounting pressure to block Amazon’s proposed $1.65 billion purchase of iRobot, the company behind Roomba autonomous vacuums.

Zuckerburg warns that his company is shrinking
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More staff lay offs expected 

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees yesterday that the company is enacting a company-wide hiring freeze and that more downsizing was likely.

Google helping anti-abortionists lure victims
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Vulnerable people tricked to visting fake clinics

Despite being warned about it, the search engine Google is still directing vulnerable women to fake abortion clinics to be shouted at by anti-abortionists until they give up on having a termination.

Apple sued for age discrimination
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We don’t need to retain you anymore grandad you are lucky to have work

A 67-year-old director in Apple's Intellectual Property Enforcement unit is suing the company for age discrimination, because Jobs Mob took away a special bonus it uses to "retain key employees" in lead positions because of his age.

Chaos hits Linux and Windows machines
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Seen in the wild

A cross-platform malware has infected a wide range of Linux and Windows devices, including small office routers, FreeBSD boxes, and large enterprise servers.

Google overhauls search engine
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Images and video blended directly into results

Google wants to overhaul the formatting of its search engine results pages by putting images and video content blended directly into results, as opposed to featuring under separate tabs or in dedicated box-outs.