Microsoft prepares to release new Surfaces
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It does need to do something

Microsoft has told the world+dog that it is releasing something new on October 12 and the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell-on-earth yarn claiming that it will be something to do with Microsoft's Surface hardware lineup.

Microsoft updates Surface Laptop Go
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Newer 11th-gen Intel CPU

Microsoft is about to update its compact Surface Laptop Go with a newer 11th-gen Intel CPU (an i5-1135G7), which replaces the 10th-gen model found in the original 2020 laptop.

Microsoft shows its new Surface 2021 lineup
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Surface Laptop Studio and new Surface 8 Pro

Preparing for the upcoming Windows 11 launch, Microsoft has refreshed its Surface lineup with new models, including the all-new Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Pro 8, as well as minor tweaks for some other models, like the Surface Pro X and the Surface Go 3.

Microsoft shows off Surface Laptop Go
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Cheapest one yet

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Laptop Go with a 12.4-inch touchscreen for $549, its cheapest and lightest (2.45lbs) laptop.

Microsoft working on a cheaper 12.5-inch Surface
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Filling the gap between Surface Go and Surface Pro

According to the latest rumors, it appears that Microsoft is working on a new 12.5-inch Surface laptop that will cost less.

Microsoft lightweight Windows 10 Surface Ryzen based
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Should be out this year

Microsoft’s Surface team are working with AMD for the lightweight Windows 10 Surface to put the latest Ryzen 5s under the bonnet.

Surface Pro X review
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21 December 2019

Surface Pro X review

Qualcomm (Microsoft) SQ1 ARM SoC inside

The day has finally arrived. A high-end design based on Qualcomm’s promising 8CX processor is finally shipping. Two weeks ago, it started shipping in the US, and just a few days ago the first systems shipped to customers in Europe.

Surface Pro X is the tweaked Snapdragon 8CX
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Tuned up and rebranded

A Microsoft hardware event revealed the latest Intel, ARM and AMD based products and Surface Pro X based on ARM caught a lot of attentio. To set things straight, the Microsoft SQ1 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8CX.

Microsoft unveils two dual-screen foldable devices
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Android-based Duo and Windows-based Neo

In addition to new Surface 2-in-1s and laptops that are already available for pre-order and should be shipping later in October, Microsoft unveiled two interesting dual-screen devices that will be coming in late 2020, the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo.

Microsoft to announce Snapdragon 8CX Surface Pro
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AMD powered 15-inch Surface and Intel-powered 13- and 15-inch

Rumor has it that Microsoft will show an updated Surface Pro based on the Snapdragon 8CX Compute Platform, steering away from the usual Intel-only update. There will also be a 15 inch AMD version so Microsoft is definitely opening up to diverse manufacturers.