UK information watchdog upholds Facebook fine
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Cambridge Analytica row fine small but symbolic

Britain’s information regulator upheld a small but symbolic £500,000 fine against Facebook for breaches of data protection law related to the harvesting of data by consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

EU 2.4 billion euro fine was designed to surprise Google
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Watchdog wanted a deterrent effect

The European Union aimed for a “deterrent effect” on Google and other technology giants when it ordered the internet search outfit to pay 2.4 billion euro ($2.8 billion) for breaching antitrust law over how it displays shopping ads.

Canon faces EU fine
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Should not have bought Toshiba’s medical unit

EU regulators said they might fine Canon up to 10 percent of annual revenue for jumping the gun in its acquisition of Toshiba's Medical unit.

Google faces more than €1 billion fine
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EU expected to announce record antitrust fine

Search outfit Google is facing a record-breaking fine from the EU over its alleged abuse of its market dominance.

Google faces first EU fine
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No deal in site

Google is heading for a huge European Union antitrust fine this year and it does not seem to have come up with a face-saving deal.

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