Amazon wants to put its cloud into space
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Don't have to worry about boundaries 

Amazon is thinking about shoving some of its cloud into space. 

Microsoft sued over cloud
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CISPE complains that Vole is being anti-competative again

Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe (CISPE) has moaned to the EC's Directorate-General for Competition about Microsoft's cloudy antics.

Microsoft warns of cloudy skies
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Cloud and PC business down 

Microsoft warned that its cloud computing and PC business was slowing and sent their shares down 7 percent in after-market trading.

Cloud gaming still pretty rubbish admits Microsoft
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Half baked

While the world+dog has been banging on about cloud gaming as if it was the next big thing, Microsoft says that the technology is still half baked and needs another few minutes in the oven.

Nvidia prepares its metaverse cloud
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Software-as-a-service is getting everywhere

Nvidia has become the latest company to start prepaing for the metaverse with a newly-announced Omniverse Cloud and jumping on the bandwagon of every other software company which does not want users to own their own software.

NHS puts pathology on the cloud
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We don't need hard copies of your pathologies any more

Two NHS trusts in England will collaborate with Sectra to put digital pathology services onto a cloud

HPE announces new cloud-native server
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Uses Ampere chips

Former maker of expensive printer ink Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced today that it will offer a new cloud-native server in Q3 of 2022 using Ampere chips.

Google cloud breaks Pi record
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And didn't get eaten by the tiger

Google Cloud developer advocate Emma Haruka Iwao and her colleagues say they've calculated Pi to 100 trillion digital decimal places.

Europe working on a Russian cloud ban
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New sanctions

The European Union is working on a possible ban on the provision of cloud services to Russia as part of new sanctions against the Kremlin for the invasion of Ukraine.

Microsoft backs down on cloud business terms
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Does not want to anger Brussels

Software King of the World Microsoft is attempting to avoid a full anti-trust inquiry in Europe by changing the terms and conditions of its cloud business.