HD’s might not be SSD’s more reliable cousin
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Some are more reliable than others

While most of the world only uses HDs for long term data storage tasks, some of them might not be fit for the purpose.

Size means everything when it comes to hard-drives
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Study concludes that it is not just how you use it

A new report claims that when it comes to drive stability and avoiding failure -- the bigger the better.

Western Digital brings out dual actuator hard disk drives
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20TB HDDs using less power

Western Digital has released its first dual actuator hard disk drive (HDD).

Seagate expands Exos Mach.2 hard drive range
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Higher capacity increased performance

Seagate has quietly expanded its family of dual-actuator Exos Mach.2 hard drives.

Walmart peddled a scam 30TB harddrive
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There is just so much wrong with this deal 

A 30TB external SSD being sold for just $31.40 on China-based online shopping site AliExpress and listed on Walmart's website for just $39 has so many things wrong with it, it is amazing that two big retailers fell for it.

Microsoft wants to abandon HDDs
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Too slow for Windows 11

A recent executive brief from data storage industry analyst firm Trendfocus reports that OEMs have disclosed that Microsoft is pushing them to drop HDDs as the primary storage device in pre-built Windows 11 PCs.

Disk drives to hit 30TB by end of next year
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Platter maker thinks it can hit its target

The company which makes HD platters said that it expects to "realise near-line HDD having storage capacity of more than 30TB" by the end of 2023.

HDD shipments to drop in 2019
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By nearly 50 percent

With Solid-state drives both getting cheaper and higher in capacity, it does not come as a surprise that HDD shipments are expected to drop by nearly 50 percent in 2019.

Seagate announces Exos X14 enterprise HDD
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With new MACH.2 and HAMR technologies

Seagate has officially announced its newest Exos 14 HDD at the OCP summit, a helium filled 14TB HDD aimed at the enterprise market, which uses new MACH.2 Multi Actuator and HAMR technologies, allowing it to hit a record 480MB/s sustained throughput.

Toshiba America releases next MG Series HDD
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8TB for business critical servers and shared storage systems

Toshiba America Electronic Components has announced volume availability of its next MG Series HDD – the MG05ACA800 – providing 8TB for business critical servers and shared storage systems.