AMD buys more wafers from Gloflo
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Buying $1.6 billion worth of chips from old mate

AMD will acquire about $2.1 billion of silicon wafers from GlobalFoundries from 2022 through 2025 in an amended agreement.

GlobalFoundries sues IBM
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$2.5 billion in damages

Semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries has sued IBM,  asking a judge to rule that it did not violate a contract that claims it is owed $2.5 billion in damages.

Chip shortage could harm recovery
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Chips are down

Manufacturers are worried about a global shortage of chips, which is causing manufacturing delays as consumer demand bounces back from the coronavirus crisis.

Glofo and TSMC bury the hatchet
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Smoke peace pipe

Globalfoundries and TSMC have dismissed all litigation between them as well as those that involve any of their customers.

TSMC strikes back in GloFo legal war
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Patent infringement

TSMC has announced it filed multiple lawsuits on September 30, 2019 against Globalfoundries in the US, Germany and Singapore for its alleged ongoing infringement of 25 patents by at least its 40nm, 28nm, 22nm, 14nm, and 12nm node processes.

Glofo and TSMC’s row might drag down semiconductor industry
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Analysts concerned

The spat between GlobalFoundries and TSMC might be yet another factor which will keep the semiconductor industry in the doldrums according to analysts.

GlobalFoundries tries to ban TSMC from US
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Could stop the TSMC products coming into the country

GlobalFoundries has sued larger rival TSMC for patent infringement, seeking to stop the defendant’s customers including Apple from importing affected products to the United States and Germany.

GloFo flogs 300mm fab in New York to ON
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If they can make chips there, they can make them anywhere

Globalfoundries and ON Semiconductor have entered into a definitive agreement for ON Semi to acquire a 300mm fab located in East Fishkill, New York.

AMD Polaris 30 GPU made at both GlobalFoundries and Samsung
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GloFo's 12LP and Samsung's 11LPP

According to details that have surfaced after the launch of the new Radeon RX 590 refresh, it appears that AMD is sourcing the "new" Polaris 30 GPU from both GlobalFoundries and Samsung.

Wafer price rises hit foundry firms
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Massive demand for chips

The price of silicon wafers is set to rise by as much as 20 percent this year because of increasing demand from the automotive and other sectors.