Mozilla took 18 years to fix Firefox bug
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Low priority 

Big cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation have finally fixed a bug that was first reported 18 years ago in Firebox 1.0.

Firefox gets total cookie protection
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On Android

Firefox Android browser users will enable the Total Cookie Protection feature by default.

Firefox 106 browser out
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New features and enhancements

Big cheese in the Mozzarella foundation have signed off on the new Firefox 106 web browser, which introduces various new features and enhancements.

Firefox maker moans about operating systems
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Microsoft, Google, and Apple using their browsers to shut down browser rivals 

Big Cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation are hacked off that Microsoft, Google, and Apple are using their operating systems to steer users to their browsers and stacking the deck against rivals.

YouTube's dislike button pretty rubbish
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Firefox strike back

Firefox developer Mozilla has been asking around about YouTube’s video moderation tools and discovered that most people think they are as useless as a chocoate teapot because the continue to recommend videos you have said are rubbish.

Firefox turns 100
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Specifically celebrates with fruit

Firefox has released its 100th version of the browser and despite tough competition from Chrome has still managed to survive and thrive, even if it is market has become a little more “niche.”

Market percentages are down but Firefox making a killing
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Firefox does not need to be bigger than Chrome

Industry analysts are concerned about Firefox's future even while the big cheeses in the Mozzarella Foundation are reporting good profits.

OS/2 about to get a modern browser
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Firefox no longer warpy enough for time warps

The OS/2 community is getting close to obtaining a modern browser on their ancient platform.

Firefox sends data to Mozilla
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Leaking more than you think

While most users think that Firefox is less leaky than Chrome, it appears that the Red Panda themed browser sends more data to the big cheeses at the Mozzarella Foundation than most are aware.

Firefox refuses to listen to its users
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Slashdot’s verdict on why Firefox is losing market share

Slashdot readers have been debating why research shows Firefox losing market share and the common thread, like this rant, because it is because it arrogantly refuses to listen to its users.