Microsoft faces GDPR cloud woes in Europe
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Too much data gathering

Software king of the world Microsoft is about to face a kicking from the European Union over its 'large scale and covert' gathering of people's info via Office.

New iPhone prices even more ridiculous in Europe
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Go as high as €1,289/£1,099

While even the US prices of the new Apple iPhone trio were quite high for our taste, it appears that buyers from Europe or the UK will have to shell out even more cash than their US counterparts, pushing those prices to insane levels.

Uber hired David Cameron's chum  to sort out its European business
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Because no one can create European Unity on an issue like David Cameron

Uber has hired an ex-adviser to former British prime minister David Cameron to lead the ride-hailing firm’s lobbying efforts in northern Europe, less than a month after the company won a reprieve to operate in London.

Xiaomi needs to think internationally
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Mi8 still not launched in Europe

Xiaomi has finally listed publicly, and the company has launched a few flagship phones including Mi 8 and MI8 SE but these latter two are yet to be shipped in Europe.

European governments using mobile metadata to deport immigrants
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Would chuck away that phone if I were you

European leaders appeasing the rise of anti-immigration parties are using metadata on smartphones to start sending migrants back.

Xiaomi to open retail store in Vienna
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Coming to Italy and France in May

Xiaomi is definitely entering a few more European markets. Xiaomi confirmed that it will start officially offering its devices in Italy and France and it is about to open up a retail store in Vienna too.

Xiaomi strikes European deal with Hutchison 3
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Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and UK

Xiaomi has big plans for 2018. It started with the IPO that might value the company anywhere between $80 to $100 billion and it plans a massive European expansion.

Essential phones available in parts of Europe
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UK, France, Japan, and Canada

We got a note from the nice people at Essential  that PH1 phone and accessories are swarming over some parts of Europe, Canada and Japan too.

Chip sales soar in Europe
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Forever upwards. It seems

Sales of semiconductors in February last exceeded forecasts, according to the European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA).

Barracuda snaps at European cloud cluelessness
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Most still think on-premise security is better

New research from Barracuda shows that while cloud has been a industry bussword for some time, most EU businesses are clueless when it comes to the technology.