Europe gets ARM-based supercomputer
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Jupiter of the world's most powerful

One of the world's most powerful supercomputers will soon be online in Europe, using ARM-based chips instead of x86 parts.

Iceland has the best Internet in Europe
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Least Borjked  

Research by VPS Server has found that Iceland has the best internet in Europe.

Suppliers should buy chips sold to blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies back
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Do the right  thing

Blacklisted Yangtze Memory Technologies Co has asked its suppliers to buy back the chips and equipment it is forbidden to use.

Huawei brings the P60 Pro to Europe
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Mate X3 coming later this month

Huawei already unveiled the entire P-series and foldable flagship in China, but now these are coming to Europe, and the P60 Pro is first in line. The Mate X3 foldable is also coming later this month.

Google does evil to its European staff
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Not only will we fire you, but we are won't pay your medical insurance either

Search engine outfit Google, which once believed in “doing no evil” has been accused of mishandling of its biggest round of layoffs in Europe.

Intel Arc discounted in Europe
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Just waiting for the raven and the dove to get back 

Chipzilla has been discounting its Arc GPU in Europe even after not really getting it to the shops in time.

Europe's green energy needs more fossil fuels
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Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

While green energy is being touted as a way of freeing Europe from having to do what Tsar Putin tells us, it is ironically being hamstrung by a lack of fossil fuels.

Sorry Apple, Europe wants to extend warranties for five years
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And reduce poor bad battery life

In what will be bad news for Apple, the European Commission is seeking to improve phone and tablet battery life and spare parts availability.

Europe working on a Russian cloud ban
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New sanctions

The European Union is working on a possible ban on the provision of cloud services to Russia as part of new sanctions against the Kremlin for the invasion of Ukraine.

Europe bans combustion engines by 2035
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Wants faster developement of electric vehicles

The European Parliament threw its weight behind a proposed ban on selling new cars with combustion engines in 2035, seeking to step up the fight against climate change through the faster development of electric cars.