Big Tech lay-offs are already costing them
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19th-century staff management approaches don’t work

Faced with falling margins after the Covid bubble burst, Big Tech let thousands of staff go on the assumption that they could rehire them when things got better at the end of the year, but they might have miscalculated, according an Intuit boss.

Cloud sales starting to slow
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Analysts expecting the slowest growth for a decade

Demand for cloud-computing services is slowing and Microsoft and Amazon are expected to report the slowest revenue growth for their cloud-computing businesses since the firms started breaking out performance last decade.

Amazon offers CodeWhisperer for free
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Price war with Microsoft 

Amazon is making its AI-powered coding assistant CodeWhisperer free for individual developers, reports the Verge, "undercutting the $10 per month pricing of its Microsoft-made rival."

Big Tech tries to hire fired workers back
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At lower rates and without benefits

Some of Seattle's biggest tech companies are trying to hire back recently sacked workers through agencies where they will go back to the same office with less salary and zero company benefits.

Amazon releases its own AI
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Amazon Bedrock is a place right out of history

Amazon is releasing a ChatGPT and DALL-E rival it calls Amazon Bedrock.

Amazon lobbied to squash climate bill
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Wasn't it a climate change champ?

Amazon has branded itself as a climate crusader, touting its commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices, but a local politician claims it has been  lobbying for a bill which would prevent carbon emissions from its data centre.

Amazon makes more human sacrifices
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Part of broader cut-backs

Amazon laid off about 100 employees in its video-game divisions as part of its broader cutbacks, affecting workers at Prime Gaming, Game Growth and the company's San Diego studio. 

Amazon has sold 200 million fires
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That should sort out the rain forests 

In the middle of announcements about its new tellys, Amazon has revealed it has now sold 200 million Fire TV devices.

US government declares war on Amazon
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Likely to be as successful as its invasion of Canada

The White House is planning to act on at least three of its six investigations into the online bookseller Amazon.

Amazon sued for installing facial recognition ID
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Forgot to tell customers 

Amazon "forgot" to tell its New York City customers that they were being monitored by facial recognition technology, a lawsuit claims.