Huawei’s chips match Zen 3
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HiSilicon V120 are four years behind

A Geekbench 6 result shows what could be the first look at the speed of the Taishan V120, made by Huawei's HiSilicon arm.

Intel comes up with an aggressive manufacturing roadmap
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Analysis: Intel 7, Intel 4 Intel 3, and Intel A20 angstrom

The nanometer branding has been quite an inaccurate way to describe the transition size and the performance. After maintaining desktop and especially mobile leadership for the most part with 14nm, Intel is happy to report that the second-generation 10 nm is in heavy volume. 10nm is now represented more than 14nm volume, but Intel decided to change the way it calls its manufacturing processes.

Intel 7nm is on schedule, Meteor Lake CPU in 2023
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Keeping the fabs, IFS, and more

During its presentation, Intel's new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, shared his vision of Intel in the future, including details about the 7nm manufacturing process and next-generation Meteor Lake CPUs.

Murthy is out of Intel
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Sins of the 7nm, fab delays, and 5G

Back in 2015, Intel poached Murthy Renduchintala to help the company with 5G and a forward-looking roadmap, and five years after, Intel announced that Murthy would be leaving on August 3.

Do nanometers matter?
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Interesting marketing that works

I have been around to vividly remember 350 nm and the first Pentium and AMD K5/K6 processors, and since that time, I have tracked the microprocessors and GPU market. It went swiftly from 350 to 250nm and later to 180, 130, 90, 65, 45, 32nm, and 14nm. It took some ten significant geometry shrinking and power reductions to get to 10nm and even to get to 7nm. Apple, in collaboration with TSMC, is just months away from announcing 5nm chips, but the real question is, do nanometers matter?

This year's Zen 3 is not 5nm
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Zen 4 to go to the next node

Digitimes, VideoCardz, and RetiredEngineer (twitter) started an intriguing rumor that Ryzen 4000 might end up at 5nm+. Asking around at a reliable place, we have to disappoint some of you as this won't be the case. The Ryzen 4000 series based on Zen 3 core is still at 7nm.

Nvidia GA100 is a high-performance AI
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TSMC 7nm, next-gen Hopper 5nm

There have been rumors for quite some time about the Nvidia Ampere and the manufacturing nod. Nvidia’s first AI-based solution comes from TSMC, while some GPUs will be manufactured by Samsung too.

The Apple 2021 notebook chip is A14X iPad based
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Bloomberg has rekindled news that Apple has been working on its own chip, and many covered the news claiming that 2021 iPads will get an iPhone chip. Well, they won't as it would not be that powerful to put a 2W TDP chip in a notebook, and instead, the modified version of A14X iPad chip will find its place to the Macbooks of the future. We got a few details confirmed.

Xilinx reports fiscal Q42020 and FY2020 results
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$3.16 billion, data center 22 percent revenue growth

The fiscal year 2020 (April 2019 to April 2020) was a challenging year for anyone trading with China due to the US government pressures on Huawei. Despite all these challenges, Xilinx managed to make $3.16 billion revenue or three percent higher, year over year.

Nvidia GTC Keynote set for May 14
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Get Amped 

Roughly two months after the original GTC 2020 schedule, Nvidia is ready to host the GTC 2020 spring keynote. The choice of words "Get Amped” in the press release gives you an idea that 7nm Ampere might get released at that time.