Intel might have fixed Nvida’s 12VHPWR connector issues
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Stop the melt

Intel might have come up with an answer to Nvidia’s incredible melting cables issues.

Intel slashes Arc series graphics card prices
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Arc A770, A750, and A380

Intel has slashed prices of some of its Arc GPU graphics cards, including the Arc A770 8GB, Arc A750, and the Arc A380, which is now listed for $120.

AMD Ryzen 7045HX-series Dragon Range laptops now available
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The Ryzen 9 7945HX goes against Core i9-13950HX

AMD has announced the availability of its Ryzen 7045HX-series Dragon Range CPUs for high performance gaming laptops. These Zen 4 Dragon Range 5nm chiplet-design chips, should be enough to get ahead of Intel's 13th gen Raptor Lake counterparts, at least according to AMD.

AMD reveals first Ryzen 7 7800X3D game benchmarks
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Up to 24 percent faster in some scenarios

AMD has now officially released the first official gaming benchmarks for its Ryzen 7 7800X3D SKU that is scheduled to launch on April 9th.

Xeon W9-3495X dethrones AMD Threadripper
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Friday, 10 March 2023 11:28

Xeon W9-3495X dethrones AMD Threadripper

At least in the Cinebench R23 benchmark

AMD Threadripper has been dethroned as the King of PCs by Intel's Xeon W9-3495X 56-core workstation processor.

Intel holding Germany to ransom
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Thursday, 09 March 2023 11:46

Intel holding Germany to ransom

Give us more subsidy or we will take our foundry somewhere else 

Intel is seeking to extract more financial subsidies for its German factory, whose construction is currently on hold.

Intel confirms "rough release date" for Meteor Lake chips
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Sometime this year

Intel has confirmed a rough release window for the first 14th-gen CPUs, but it is not exactly an announcement to set your watches by.

Intel completes 1.8nm and 2nm node development
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Does not mean that it is good to go

Intel has completed development of its Intel 18A (1.8nm-class) and Intel 20A (2nm-class) fabrication processes for its Intel Foundry Services (IFS) division, Tom's Hardware says.

Biostar releases B760MZ and B760MX motherboards
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Four new motherboards based on Intel's B760 chipset

Biostar has announced a total of four new motherboards based on Intel's B670 chipset, the B760MZ-E PRO, B760MX2-E D4, B760MX2-E, and B760MX-E D4.

Intel releases Quantum Software Development Kit
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Wants to make sure its quantum hardware is neither dead or alive 

Intel has released its first Intel Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK).