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Qualcomm has 50+ Snapdragon 600, 800 designs

by on22 April 2013

Impressive numbers

At least 50 designs wins for a combination of Snapdragon 600 and the soon to launch Snapdragon 800 are currently in the pipeline. This was confirmed by Tim McDonough Vice President, Marketing at Qualcomm in a recent conversation with Fudzilla.

Some devices, such as the HTC One, are starting to ship as we speak and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming soon. Both should enjoy strong sales, but this is just the start. The only Snapdragon 800 phone announced so far is the ZTE Grand Memo and Tim told us that more devices are on the way. He calls them design which means that not only phones will be powered by these chips. We are expecting convertibles, tablets even TVs. The number 50 is quite nice for a super high end chip, and you can imagine that Qualcomm will sell even more Snapdragon 400, 200 and even a great deal of last year's Snapdragon S4 chips.

The Snapdragon 800 has great camera capabilities and can easily record and play 4K Video, Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 pixels, something that might be interesting for future proof next generation devices. Snapdragon 800 comes in the second part of the year but we also heard we should learn more about it this Summer.

We are quite sure that there will be some Snapdragon 800 phones and tablets (convertibles) in time for back to school period which happens mid-summer in the northern hemisphere. That should be winter time for Australia.

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