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Could Intel land Apple A7 chip order?

by on14 March 2013

If it happens, they could get as much as 10%

Sources tell us that if Intel does get into the chip fabrication business, they could perhaps land as much as 10% of Apple’s orders for the A7 chip. DigiTimes, along with other sources, believe that Intel is considering such, as Apple looks for options that are not Samsung.

It is believed that for quite some time now TSMC has been ready and willing to handle making the chip. The company is looking to move its chip fabrication away from rival Samsung (who the company has used since it started making its own in-house designed chips). Rumors have suggested for a long time that TSMC would start making chips for Apple, but so far it has never happened.

With the potential for changes at Intel after CEO Paul Otellini’s expected retirement in May, company changes (including Intel getting into the foundry business) could be coming. It is also believed that Intel itself is looking to get into ARM with its own processor.

It is believed that Intel has the capacity and could use the revenue stream that making chips for others as well as itself could generate. Right now, we think it is mostly speculation; but you just never know.

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