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Intel plans 70 + percent of Q3 2011 to be 32nm

by on24 December 2010

Great expectations
Intel is currently producing and selling some 75 percent of 45nm based products, while some 25 percent of Intel's processors are 32nm. Sandy Bridge parts again in 32nm are already in production but the sales starts in Q1 2011 and already in this quarter the market share of 45nm will shrink to 65 percent while 32nm will grew to 35 percent.

In Q2 2011, according to company’s projection the market share of 32nm jumps to slightly over 50 percent and naturally this is roughly the percent of 45nm market. In Q3 2011 in some nine months from now, if not less Intel hopes that more than 70 percent of its chips will be 32nm while the rest stays at 45nm.

In the meantime Intel hopes that in Q1 2011 Sandy bridge wille make up some 15 percent, in Q2 2011 Sandy Bridge should cover some 35 percent of the market while in Q3 2011 Sandy Bridge is expected to conquer some impressive 60 percent out of Intel's 32nm production.

These are projections and have in mind that already in Q4 2011 Intel should start to manufacture 22nm based products. AMD will barely get to speed with 32nm at that time leaving Intel with more than a year of advantage.

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