Telcos wants Big Tech help to pay for 5G upgrades
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Want EU to make it happen

Big tech companies accounting for more than five per cent of a telecoms provider's peak average internet traffic should help fund the rollout of 5G and broadband across Europe, according to a draft proposal by the telecoms industry. 

EU regulators look at Microsoft's Azure
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Claims that Vole is nibbling at rivals again

Microsoft's Azure cloud business has been targeted by the European Union's antitrust arm, amid concerns the US software firm is leveraging its market power to squeeze out rivals. 

EU set to clear Microsoft's Activision buy out
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Announcement expected on May 15

While the British government has blocked Microsoft's $69 billion acquisition of Activision, it seems that Europe has no problem with allowing it.

EU warns Apple it cannot play monopoly with USB-C
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Defeats the point of the law

The EU is concerned that the fruity cargo cult Apple is working to bypass a new law introducing USB-C as the standard power cable in Europe.

EU opens research unit to monitor big tech
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Thursday, 20 April 2023 11:52

EU opens research unit to monitor big tech

ECAT sharpens its claws

The EU has opened a new dedicated research unit to support oversight of large platforms under the bloc's flagship Digital Services Act (DSA).

European Union gives away a large amount of cash to big tech
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Giving money to foreign companies much better than wasting it on health and social services 

The European Union agreed a 43 billion euro plan for its semiconductor industry in an attempt to catch up with the United States and Asia and start a green industrial revolution.

Right of repair could be ten years in EU
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Thursday, 23 March 2023 11:45

Right of repair could be ten years in EU

Apple has heart attack 

The European Commission has adopted a new set of right to repair rules that will add electronic devices like smartphones and tablets to a list of goods that must be built with repairability in mind.

Apple takes revenge on EU's USB-C requirements
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We will limit what it can do

Fruity-cargo cult Apple is so angry that the EU forced it to dump its lightning port in favour of USB-C that it is introducing a limited version of the spec in its iPhone 15.

EU tells Microsoft why it is worried about Activision Blizzard deal
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Vole says it is prepared to make concessions

The European Union has sent Microsoft a list of its concerns about the ongoing purchase of Activision Blizzard for $69 billion.

France's privacy watchdog fines Microsoft €60 million for privacy violations
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Take your nasty 'amburger eating cookies out of our sight

France's privacy watchdog has decided not to surrender to the software king of the world Microsoft and fined the outfit €60 million for dropping advertising cookies in users' computers without their explicit consent in violation of data protection laws in the European Union.