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DFI officially announces 790FX board

by on22 November 2007


Still without Quad-Crossfire


DFI has officially announced its 790FX chipset-based motherboard, branded LANParty UT 790FX-M2R. We wrote about this motherboard back in October, but now everything is official. As seen in October, DFI has decided not to go with a Quad-Crossfire solution and placed "only" three PCI Express 2.0 x16 slots.

The motherboard comes with interesting features, such as advanced 7-phase digital PWM, Bernstein Audio module and an interesting additional heatpipe cooling solution called Transpiper. DFI decided to go with something new, 7-phase digital PWM. Seven is an interesting number, but one of those phases is for Northbridge, the rest of them are for CPUs. According to DFI, this should be enough for this motherboard to claim an overclocking throne.

Next in line is a separate Bernstein audio module, and the Transpiper cooling solution. The Transpiper is actually an extension joint which carries the heat from the heatpipe system on the motherboard out of the case to yet another heatsink which should be positioned behind the PSU fan. This sounds really nice, but it is stuck with cases that have top positioned PSU; but it does look good and mounting another fan on the Transpiper won't be a problem for cooling and overclocking enthusiasts.

DFI's LanParty series was always innovative and reserved for enthusiasts, but it looks like DFI has outdone itself this time.



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