US allows South Korea and Taiwan chipmakers to sell into China
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So much for security concerns

According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government is expected to allow leading South Korea and Taiwan semiconductor manufacturers to continue and expand their chipmaking operations in China. 

Taiwan rushing to keep the communications open
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We need to be more resilent 

Taiwan’s leaders want to speed-up plans to make the island more resilient to communications breakdowns and direct attacks on its digital infrastructure.  The country is facing two threats to its comms -- China and natural disasters. 

South Korea gives tax breaks to chipmakers
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Getting concerned about US protectionism

 South Korea has passed legislation giving tax breaks to its semiconductor companies in a bill being labelled as the "Korean Chips Act."

Taiwan wants to build its own satellite system
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Don't want to rely on Musk

An ongoing internet disruption on one of Taiwan's islands is accelerating the self-governed region's plans to launch an independent satellite network to ensure it remains connected in a potential Chinese invasion.

Taiwan’s spooks say that there is no need to blow up TSMC fabs
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Planning if China does a Russia on Taiwan

Taiwan spooks have said it would be unnecessary to destroy TSMC fabs if China invades.

Former UMC boss funding "civilian warriors" against China
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Tsao donates $32.8 million to train 3 million civilian soldiers 

Former Taiwanese chipmaker United Microelectronics boss Robert Tsao outlined plans to fund military training for millions of “civilian warriors” in Taiwan to fight against any potential Chinese invasion.

Apple dragged into Taiwan mess
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Friday, 05 August 2022 13:20

Apple dragged into Taiwan mess

Chinese causing trouble over Nancy Pelosi's visit 

Fruity cargo cult Apple has told its Taiwanese suppliers that they must follow draconian Chinese customs regulations after the company had components held up in customs.

Schmidt wants US to back Taiwan and South Korean chipmakers
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Keep using Asians but outsourced to the US 

The US should do more to attract overseas chipmakers to build plants on its territory as a matter of national security, former Google chief Eric Schmidt wrote.

China will invade Taiwan to control TSMC
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Wednesday, 08 June 2022 10:30

China will invade Taiwan to control TSMC

If the West imposses sanctions

Chief economist for the China Center for International Economic Exchanges Chen Wenling has suggested that if the West brings in sanctions against China the country will invade Taiwan to obtain control of TSMC.

Electronic companies abandoning Covid 19 ravaged China
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More than 30 Taiwan companies can’t cope with government measures  

More than 30 Taiwan companies, many making electronics parts, said that government COVID-19 control measures in eastern China had led them to suspend production until at least next week.