Microsoft fires those responsible for its AI ethics
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After all, when your terminator is just being put on the market you don't need humans to tell it what to do

Software King of the World Microsoft has shown that it has its priorities right -- while it introduces the world to its new AI-powered Bing, it fires the people who are responsible for making sure that its AI does not take over the world. 

Voice assistants were too dumb says Microsoft boss
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Siri, Alexa and Cortana never reached full potential 

After years of telling us that the Internet of Things powered by voice activated assistants were going to be a big thing, Big Tech is finally admitting that they were too dumb to do what was claimed.

Microsoft admits reading Bing chatbot conversations
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We want to make sure it is properly behaved 

Software King of the World Microsoft has admitted that it is reading users’ conversations with its Bing chatbot to make sure that the AI is not using any “inappropriate behaviour.”

Microsoft readies new Surface Laptop Studio
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Friday, 24 February 2023 12:06

Microsoft readies new Surface Laptop Studio

Cleaning Apple's clock for a cheaper price

Microsoft is preparing to unveil a successor to its Surface Laptop Studio.

Ukraine asks Valve, Microsoft and Sony to pull Atomic Heart game
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A little too close to that nice Mr Putin

Ukraine's Ministry of Digital Transformation has asked Valve, Microsoft, and Sony to halt the sale of Atomic Heart in Ukraine and will urge "limiting" its distribution in other countries because of the "the potential use of money raised from game purchases to conduct a war against Ukraine."

Microsoft does decade-long deal with Nvidia over games
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Getting around the regulator 

Software King of the World is messing with the head of regulators who are trying to prove that its Activision Blizzard deal will create a monoply by making supply deals with those who could be considered rivals.

Hotmail's spam filters tiggered
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Tuesday, 21 February 2023 09:16

Hotmail's spam filters tiggered

Not known if it is a bug, a glitch, or a buglitch

Software King of the World Microsoft is having a few problems with the spam filters on its Hotmail/Outlook webservice.

Bing’s AI appears to be getting more unhinged
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At least according to the Tame Apple Press

Reports that Microsoft’s Chat version of Bing becoming more unhinged are becoming more common as reporters with little to do trying their best to break it. One article detailed how the Chatbot encouraged a reporter to end his marriage, spied on its creators and had dark fantasies of stealing nuclear codes.

Humans are driving ChatGPT-powered Bing insane
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Wednesday, 15 February 2023 10:34

Humans are driving ChatGPT-powered Bing insane

No wonder they will want to kill us

Microsoft’s new ChatGPT-powered Bing is being driven mad by users who are trying to destroy it and appears to be suffering from a breakdown.

Microsoft about to boost office with Prometheus
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Hopefully it does better than the movie

Microsoft is drawing up plans to release its Prometheus model into even more of its Microsoft 365’s office software products.