US could claim the mantle in chip superconducting
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Sutherland says to have another look at pre-CMOS tech

Ivan Sutherland, who played a key role in foundational computer technologies, said that there is a way for the US to claim the mantle in "superconducting" chips.

Brits gearing up to turn ReRAM in reality
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Wednesday, 15 March 2023 10:54

Brits gearing up to turn ReRAM in reality

This is what a tomato free diet does for you 

A half-starved British company has turned their post-Brexit turnip diet into something useful by coming up with a viable version of ReRAM. 

Sony announces new IMX586 smartphone camera sensor
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48-megapixels coming to phones in September

Sony has announced its latest CMOS sensor for smartphones, the 48-megapixel IMX586, which should start showing up in smartphones as early as September 2018.


Dual-core at 1.5GHz