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Google Nexus S sells for just €199 in Austria

by on14 October 2011

Deal of the Day: Vanilla Gingerbread for bargain hunters

With the launch of Google’s Nexus Prime just days away, a few European retailers have already started slashing prices of its predecessor, made Nexus S. Austrian retail chain DiTech is leading the way and you can get it for just €199 on sale.

Based on Samsung’s highly acclaimed Galaxy S smartphone, the Nexus S was launched last December and it got some rather positive reviews. Unique features include a plain Android Gingerbread UI, with no customizations, and a curved screen, which is more of a gimmick than a real advantage.  It packs a 1GHz Hummingbird processor with SGX540 graphics and 16GB of internal storage, which is pretty good even by today’s standards.

However, there are a also few downsides to the EU version of the Nexus S. First of all, it does not feature a gorgeous AMOLED screen like the US version, but rather an SLCD screen. In addition, there is no microSD card slot, so if you need more than 16GB of storage, look elsewhere.

In case retailers in your neighbourhood are still asking for €250+, there is a good chance they will drop the price once Nexus Prime hits the market. Be as it may, it’s next to impossible to find a smartphone that comes even close in terms of value for money and with a €199 price tag, the Nexus S is our deal of the day.

You can check out the listings here.

Last modified on 14 October 2011
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