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Microsoft, IBM join affordable cloud alliance

by on28 September 2018

Cloudflare forms glorious Bandwidth alliance

Cloudflare has brought together Microsoft, IBM, Digital Ocean, Automattic and Backblaze under the Bandwidth Alliance.

The group’s goal is to make sure Cloudflare’s customers using their services pay either significantly lower prices or nothing at all, for the traffic that passes through locations where their networks are connected to Cloudflare’s services.

Amazon Web Services are not involved because Cloudflare’s saw the idea as a pitch against the power of AWS. It changed its mind and later tried to get AWS on board for the project, but the giant passed on it.

It is expected that Amazon will lower its prices in response to the new partnership.

Matthew Prince, co-founder, and CEO at Cloudflare said: “These bandwidth charges, which cloud providers only charge on traffic leaving their networks, creates a bit of the ‘Hotel California‘ of services and makes it so once you choose a cloud provider, it’s hard to move off of them. We see our role as being the fabric that connects various clouds, and makes it easy to move from one to the other to whoever is providing the best services and the best technology and the best price at any given time."

Last modified on 17 October 2018
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