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Destiny rakes in $325+ million in just 5 days

by on18 September 2014

Activision says it is the best-selling new franchise of all time

While we don’t know if Bungie will get its performance bonus, we do know that Destiny has sold pretty well. According to Activision the new franchise from Bungie has raked in over $325 million worldwide in just the first five days of release.

That’s not all! According to Activision this makes Destiny the best-selling new franchise of all time and in addition it now holds the record for the most pre-ordered new IP in video game history. While the $325 million that it sold sounds impressive, Activision says retailers have already purchased $500 million dollars of product already.

The initial reports on those playing the game are equally impressive with Activision telling us that in five days players have logged over 100 million hours of game play in the first week alone and have participated in 137 million activities.

Looks like all of the money spent on developing Destiny was a good investment and Activision is going to make money on the deal. While some believe that betting on Destiny and Bungie was a sure thing, at times during the development as information trickled out, we were not always so sure. In any event it looks like we being seeing more of the Destiny franchise for many years to come.

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