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Harmonix cancels Xbox One Kinect title?

by on24 January 2014

But we don’t know what it was

Harmonix has apparently decided to cancel an exclusive Xbox One title that it had in development, according to sources. The title that was targeted to take advantage of the new Kinect included with the Xbox One was unannounced, and other than it was to use Kinect we don’t know anything else about it.

Harmonix has talked about having a number of titles in development. Of course, they have not wanted to talk about any specifics. We do know that many found it strange that the Xbox One arrived without a new Dance Central title to take advantage of the new Kinect and the power that the Xbox One offered the franchise. While a new Dance Central is still likely coming, it is a head scratcher on what else the company might be working on, other than the Disney Fantasia title that is supposed to be coming for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

Without knowing what we might have missed, it is hard to get really bummed about this unannounced title being canceled; but if it were a new Rock Band title for the Xbox One then maybe we would have reason to be bummed. Well, wait a second… Not really.

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