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Epic developing new AAA shooter?

by on12 July 2013

Sweeney confirms during presentation

As has been thought for some time, Epic is working on a new Triple-A shooter that is currently in development. During a talk at Develop, Epic founder Tim Sweeney confirmed this was true. What Sweeney did not confirm is if the new title in development was another chapter in the Gears of War franchise for the Xbox One. Many believe this is the case.

What we do know is that Epic is currently working on Fortnight, a sort of “Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead”, according to Sweeney. We also know that Epic has developed both Gears of War and Unreal Tournament titles, both of which are shooters.

Really, the confirmation is nothing more than news that suggests that Epic is developing a new shooter as well as Fortnight. From whispers we hear, if an announcement of a new Gears of War title is coming, it will not be announced till next year, if it is in fact an exclusive for the Xbox One. That much we are reasonably sure of.

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