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New Strider game in development?

by on20 March 2013

Clues seem to point that way

Could a new Strider game be in development for Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam? If recent clues that have been found are correct, it could be true. Capcom is believed to have a number of games that it is preparing to announce in conjunction with PAX East.

The clues that seem to point to this include a Strider box art that seems to fit the Xbox Live Arcade dimensions. An achievement for the game seems to also have been spotted on Steam.

At one time, Grin (who was the developer of the Bionic Commando re-make) was apparently going to re-boot the Strider IP, as well, according to those claiming to know. It never happened, however, in part due to the fate that befell the Bionic Commando remake. Apparently little, if anything, was done as far as starting on the title.

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