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Microsoft developing big games with big budgets?

by on30 November 2012

Black Tusk studio to develop the next big franchise

Microsoft is investing in the next big game and it is hopeful that the company’s Vancouver studio, which is known as Black Tusk studios, will be the one to create it. The company wants to create a new franchise with the scale and success of Halo. What that means (based on where the industry is going today) is a big game with a massive team, an outrageous budget, and a timeline that seems like forever.

Black Tusk is an interesting studio that Microsoft has put together of industry veterans who have an average industry experience level of about 12 years in the development of triple-A titles. The goal is to build a new franchise from the ground up that has longevity; and, of course, this studio, whose only previous project was Microsoft Flight, isn’t hinting on what they are working on.

Some rumors say it is a new IP space shooter that will be on the scale of Halo or Gears of War, but whatever they are working on, it is a pretty safe bet at this point that it will be for the next Xbox console. Sources tell us it is doubtful that Microsoft would launch a new franchise like this in the twilight of the Xbox 360’s life.

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