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Black Ops 2 to hit November 6th?

by on29 March 2012


Treyarch-developed sequel date is confirmed

According to our sources, they have been able to get a solid read on when we should see the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 sequel. Our sources tell us that the Treyarch-developed sequel to the 2010 Black Ops will hit retail establishments on November 6th. It will again be backed by one of the biggest advertising campaigns for a view game launch that we have seen, with Activision spending some serious coin.

The game is said to feature a new game mode called “Escort,” with “Drop Zone” and “Kill Confirmed” coming back. The “Team Defender” and “Infected” game modes will apparently be dropped this time around for the sequel. The game will offer 15 prestiges in 50 ranks, and with every two prestiges there is a 5 rank increase with a max prestige level cap of 90.

Call of Duty Elite support 2.0 will be a part of Black Ops 2 and fully integrated. It will offer Clan Tournament support. Black Ops 2 will see the MOAB, Nike, Last Stand, Death Streaks, and Flame Thrower removed from the game. The maps in the game will be in the tradition of the first Black Ops in size and design.

The game will have a very heavy emphasis on “hardcore” than ever before. This is what many of the players want, and Treyarch has enhanced the hardcore mode to be better than ever.

Look for a number of other improvements and an excellent single player campaign to be part of Black Ops 2 when it arrives. It is expected that the sales of Black Ops 2 could be the best yet for any Call of Duty title, as many have complained that Black Ops was actually better than Modern Warfare 3. We will have to wait and see.

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