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$300 version of Dirt 3?

by on11 April 2011

To include professional R/C car
We all know that we have been seeing some interesting special edition or limited edition bundles for game titles that are being released these days. It might interest you to know that Codemasters is going to bundle a Traxxas Ken Block R/C car as part of their Special Edition Dirt 3 bundle.

Yes, that’s right:  you will have the ability to purchase Dirt 3 with a Ken Block Gymkhana R/C car as part of a special $300 package deal. The included Traxxas Ken Block 2011 Ford Focus WRC R/C car is of professional quality that is built for R/C car enthusiasts. The bundled R/C car is four wheel drive, as well as waterproof, and it goes for about $550 street price. (If you buy one and get into R/C cars, you can upgrade the car to go over 50 miles per hour with a few purchased modifications!)

If you choose to spend the additional $240 over and above the $60 for Dirt 3, you will get a nice professional grade R/C car that is actually a pretty good deal. Unlike many things bundled in video games these days, this is a quality R/C car, if you are interested in owning one.

From what we understand, quantities are limited and if you want to ensure that you will be able to get one, you will want to make sure that you have your pre-order in as soon as possible. Dirt 3 is still slated to arrive on May 24th; and from our understanding, you can pre-order the Special Edition Dirt 3 bundle at any Gamestop location.

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