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Modern Warfare 3 announcement coming?

by on30 March 2011

Sources say it will be unveiled in mid-April
While we know that Activision is planning for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 release this year, officially Activision has had nothing yet to say about it beyond some vague references to a COD release this year and to investors.

Now we have learned from our sources that Activision is said to be announcing the next chapter in the COD franchise, which is believed to be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in the middle of April. It is believed according to our sources that Infinity Ward is still the lead developer for the project, but they are getting assistance from Sledgehammer and Raven with the development.

As for what might be in Modern Warfare 3, most people suspect that it will be a continuation of the story line from Modern Warfare 2, with Soap and Price on the run after being set up. It is unclear really at this point what might be in store for the latest version, but with DICE turning up their game with Battlefield 3, it goes without saying that Modern Warfare 3 needs to be good.

An announcement in April does seem to fit what we have seen from Activision in the past as far as announcements for the next Call of Duty title, as Black Ops was announced at the end of April. It is suspected that Activision is planning for a November release for Modern Warfare 3; and with Battlefield 3 dominating the headlines as of late, it is not surprising that Activision might want to start the media blitz for Modern Warfare 3 by building some momentum prior to a peek at E3 in June.

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