Qualcomm under the bonnet of a new Renault electric vehicle
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Qualcomm is supplying a key computing chip for the digital dashboard in a new Renault electric vehicle.

Qualcomm Nuvia has acquisition automotive angle
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Analysis: General Motors, Renault, Bosh, Continental, and co.  

Automotive plays a vital role in the Nuvia deal. Nuvia has a data center chip that will tape out first, but what works in a data center can quickly be turned into an automotive chip. An Automotive/self-driving chip is nothing but a data center on wheels designed to be power-aware and process tremendous amounts of data from multiple sensors.

Renault will slim down and go electric
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Thursday, 14 January 2021 12:06

Renault will slim down and go electric

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French carmaker Renault pledged to slim down and focus more on technology as its new CEO laid out plans to revive a business hammered by management turmoil and the COVID-19 crisis.